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PugetPuget Systems HTPC
Puget Systems HTPC
S1DigitalS1DIGITAL Media Center Platinum Edition
S1DIGITAL Media Center Platinum Edition
NiveusNIVEUS Rainer Edition
NIVEUS Rainer Edition

$1000 - $1999

Puget Systems HTPC
Our HTPC is optimized for digital media storage and PureVideo playback, but with all the power of a full sized desktop to run your more demanding applications.
System Price: $1,199

Dell XPS 420

System Price: $1,999

Dell XPS 630

System Price: $1,249

Alienware Area-51 7500
Not only is our new chassis beautiful on the outside, but it supports the industry's best graphics cards on the inside. From NVIDIA® SLI™ dual-GPU configurations to the smoothest HD video available with NVIDIA Pure Video HD, the Area-51 7500 will redefine your standards.
System Price: $1399


Dell XPS 720H2C

System Price: $5,389

Niveus Media Rainier Edition
The passively cooled, living room friendly Rainier Edition provides a sophisticated, whole-home digital entertainment experience with an intuitive interface the whole family can use.
System Price: $3,299

Dell XPS 720

System Price: $2,199

Niveus Media Pro Series
Designed for discreet, rack-mount installation, the Pro Series provides the power, performance, and compatibility to serve as the central media hub in multi-room entertainment scenarios.
System Price: $4,999

Alienware Area-51 ALX SLI
The Area-51 ALX with NVIDIA®3-Way SLI technology is the fastest gaming solution available with up to three NVIDIA® GeForce® 8800 GTX or GeForce 8800 Ultra-based graphics cards. 3-Way SLI also provides you with the smoothest HD video in the industry with NVIDIA Pure Video HD.
System Price: $4999

Niveus Media Denali Limited Edition
Intended for home theater aficionados, the award-winning Denali LE offers unmatched audio/video performance and presents a distinguished way to manage and distribute digital content.
System Price: $11,799

S1Digital Media Center Platinum Edition
For the uncompromising customer who wants the best AV solutions, this Media Center features dual CableCard tuners, Blu-ray playback, with quiet operation.
System Price: $2,499

Advanced Computer Systems SYNERGY R
Part Gaming Box. Part Home Entertainment System. All Extreme. All ACS! Your new excuse for a Flat Panel TV, the SYNERGY R!
System Price: $3,299

PureVideo HD
Learn More Buy PureVideo HD Get HD Content